"[Body energy work] is based on the idea that there is a universal energy (known in Chinese medicine as 'chi') that sustains all life. . . . When we are healthy, that flow is smooth and balanced. If we suffer from disease, injury, or emotional distress, the flow is blocked . . . . [The practitioner] can . . . rebalance the energy, warming an area that is cold, promoting flow where there is congestion, restoring vitality where there is depletion."  - Joan Arnold, "The Healing Power of Touch," New Woman (July 1996)
"It is much easier and much wiser to treat the imbalance while it is still only a disturbance in the energy field than to wait until it has progressed into a physical symptom that is far more traumatic, entrenched, and difficult to reverse." - Donna Eden, Energy Medicine (1998)

Do-It-For-Yourself Health Care

Holding the appropriate finger (for about three minutes) can help to alleviate a physical/mental/emotional/spiritual problem and/or can help to strengthen the associated organs by stimulating and smoothing the life-force-energy flow through those organs.

THUMB Stomach, Spleen Worry, Depression, Obsessiveness, Anxiety, Preoccupation Stomach aches, Headaches, Nervousness, Surface skin problems Immune-booster… so hold when cold is coming on, when allergies are acting up, etc.
INDEX FINGER Bladder, Kidneys Fear, Frustration, Perfectionism, Criticism, Timidity, Mental confusionDigestive problems, Muscle problems, incl. arthritis, backache, etc. Low, mid, and upper back; neck; and bladder problems are often related to buried fears.
MIDDLE FINGER Liver, Gall bladder ANGER, Irritability, Indecisiveness, Instability, Rage Eye and vision problems, Vascular (blood and circulation) problems, Constant fatigue Anger held in the body invariably leads to physical manifestations and thus needs to be released!
RING FINGER Large intestines, Lungs Sadness, Grief as over a loss, Negativity, Fear of rejection Digestive problems, Breathing problems, Deep skin problems Can help allergies and emphysema. Long-held, deep grief can lay the ground for cancer.
LITTLE FINGER Heart, Small intestines "TRYING TO" Always trying to do, help, take care, win, etc. - instead of just being, just letting go. Bone problems, Nerve problems, Sore throat Always "trying to" is often related to feelings of insecurity, lack of love, etc.