About Mia Anderson

Mia Anderson

I grew up in Indiana, lived the last three of my high school years in the Philippines (Manila), went to college in Indiana, earned my M.A. and Ph.D. in English at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, moved to New Jersey in 1972, and taught at Bergen Community College (Paramus) for 25 years, before taking early retirement in 1998, upon which occasion I was honored with Professor Emerita status.

From 1994 to June 2006, I served as assistant director of the prestigious New Jersey Project (based at William Paterson University in Wayne), a statewide project relating to faculty and curriculum development on issues of inclusive higher education (race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, cultural, and others).

In 1998, I received my first body-energy-work session, a CranioSacral / SomatoEmotional Release "treatment" from a wonderful practitioner who is also a licensed physical therapist. I sought him out because of chronic neck pain - for which I had been seeing a chiropractor for over fourteen years, with some, but never lasting, relief. In that first 45-minute session, my neck pain was relieved, and I have never needed to seek treatment for it again. I am now convinced that while my neck was indeed physically injured (a serious nerve pinch that left me in bed for five weeks), it became the location in my body where all of my emotional and spiritual (in the best and broadest sense of that term) distress accumulated.

That session - during which I involuntarily cried and trembled for the entire time, much to my astonishment - was, in fact, the beginning of an extraordinary personal journey that continues to this day. That wise and gentle practitioner served as my physical, mental, and spiritual guide for nearly two years, when we both knew that I needed to become better acquainted with my inner guide.

So taken was I with "body energy work" that I determined that this was something that I had to learn to do so that I could help others in the same way that I had been helped. (I had "done psychotherapy" off and on during the years, but found and now passionately believe that no amount of intellectual work can heal one until the body is also engaged through body-energy-work therapies.) Then I met someone who convinced me to try another "modality" before I committed myself to cranio-sacral therapy training. Lo and behold - there are no "accidents" or "coincidences"! - I learned that there is a wonderful therapeutic acupressure (a body-energy-work modality) practitioner right in my hometown. I recognize a sign when I see it! I called, I went, and I knew that this was what I wanted to learn.

I completed my training and was certified by Isabell Gatto (see the page on Isabell's credentials) on July 29, 2001. Between the first and final training intensives, I gave close to 100 therapeutic acupressure sessions to a variety of family, friends, and neighbors. All reported wonderful results - some a bit less, some a bit more, which is to be expected, for various reasons. One woman called to say that she felt "among the living again" because of renewed energy. Another woman embarked on a fantastic personal journey that - though not without its own challenges, which is as it must be - empowered her to make positive changes in her life. Another "receiver" told me his foot and lower back felt ever so much better. Another said that his allergies were 100% improved. . . . Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual - the total being will take the session and make of it what it needs. Our wise "inner physician" makes that call. Sometimes the results are not at all "dramatic," but there comes a time maybe a day or three or fourteen later when we have the realization that we are feeling a good deal better - happier, clearer-headed, healthier, and so on.

After being certified, I took all of the Advanced Classes offered and was certified as an IGM® Initiate, an Advanced-Level Practitioner. In 2001, I started my own acupressure practice, "Heal from Within." My clients come seeking help with everything from arthritis to stomach issues, from allergies to a general feeling of imbalance or "lostness," from asthma to neck/shoulder discomfort - and as they leave, they all report feeling better than when they arrived.

Shortly after my initial certification, I was invited to be one of five instructors at the four-times-a-year IGM® Intentional Wellness training seminars (2001-2015). At each seminar, we instructors circulated among the students, answering questions, correcting hand positions, sharing tips and techniques, helping student practitioners in situations where the receiver's energies are not easily coming unblocked, and generally facilitating the learning process. Since moving to Poughkeepsie, NY, I have taught a number of classes at a local health food store (Earth Goods Market, Route 9, Hyde Park, NY) — not on IGM® specifically but on using key acupressure points on one’s self to help relieve stress and to aid in relieving a variety of common complaints.

Sessions are for everyone - babies, children, and adults, including pregnant women and women wanting to get pregnant. If there is a "project" (better to think of "projects" than "problems"), IGM® Intentional Wellness can help. It is non-invasive. It does not cover up or mask the causes of the symptoms. It does not rely on medications. It attends to the whole being, doing much more than just spot treatment. To be sure, our method of acupressure is never to be thought of as a substitute for sound medical and/or psychological/psychiatric advice and treatment because there absolutely are conditions that warrant seeing practitioners in the medical or counseling fields. While we might make any number of suggestions based on Isabell's and our own experience, we do not diagnose and we do not prescribe.

Receiving a session allows the being - the total of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies - to return to a natural, wonderful state of balance and harmony. For many people, a session is a purely physical experience (before the session, they had pain in their lower back, and then after the session, they didn't, for example), and there are also those times when - amazing grace - receiving a session launches one on an awesome journey of personal growth and transformation! At the very least, universally, a session provides the receiver with approximately 90 minutes of total relaxation, which is a wonderful antidote to the stresses that so many of us live with daily. If you've thought of having a traditional massage for your stress or for your aches and pains, try an IGM® Intentional Wellness session instead - or at least first - because if your body's energy flow is blocked, the massage will provide only temporary, superficial benefit. Receiving a session can evoke in your own being all of its miraculous healing potential.

Love and light,